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Release - Naruto movie + Movie short

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Jul. 12th, 2005 | 07:08 pm
posted by: splash in ryuu_rogue

[RyRo-Saizen]_Naruto_movie_1_+_The_Great_Sports_Tournament_Special_[DVD]_[9E89D56E].avi has been released.

The bots on our chan are serving it, and you can also go to Saizen's chan #Saizen @ irc.rizon.net for their bots. :)

*edit* Point-Blank is back up!
Point-Blank link: http://www.point-blank.cc:7000/torrents/[RyRo-Saizen]_Naruto_movie_1_+_The_Great_Sports_Tournament_Special_[DVD]_[9E89D56E].torrent?info_hash=3cf04e4b7014ad03f5f5629bb1aad59f2bc791d3

Scarywater link: http://a.scarywater.net/saizen/[RyRo-Saizen]_Naruto_movie_1__The_Great_Sports_Tournament_Special_[DVD]_[9E89D56E].torrent

Notes on this release? Just to say that is was.... a very... long, tedious project... But we hope you like the end results. ^^; Personally, I'm gawking at the heavy typesetting job and extensive Karaoke work. @.@~

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