February 25th, 2010

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RELEASE - Inazuma Eleven 29-30

[Okashii-RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_29_(704x396_x264_AAC)_[140C591F].mkv and [Okashii-RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_30_(704x396_x264_AAC)_[B01082D3].mkv have been released!

BT: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/[Okashii-RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_29_(704x396_x264_AAC)_[140C591F].mkv.torrent

If you didn't know already, Inazuma anime is animated by the same company that does Pokemon (Oriental Light and Magic)

Lots more where that came from on the spoilerific ポケイレ tag~

Please help seed~
Also on the IRC bot RyRo|Shiron on IRC (later) and on orz media shares!
As low-resolution files become available, you may download them here!

We're looking for HD resolution raws (1280x720) of episodes 21, 27-39, 41-64. Or even better, TS file sources.
We're willing to pay TS cappers for each ep~

Some Touko for you after watching ep 30~~

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*edit* Eps 31 and 32 are planned for next weekend. Look forward to it? XD