March 12th, 2010

Sousei no Aquarion - Hungry Man Apollo
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RELEASE - Inazuma Eleven 35

[RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_35_(704x396_x264_AAC)_[4BE75118].mkv has been released!


Are you watching super-dimensional soccer yet?~

Please help seed~
We've got a new xdcc bot for Inazuma Eleven on IRC! Check its packlist on the Navigation section on the left side.
Also on the IRC bot RyRo|Shiron on IRC (later) and on orz media shares!
Low res, hardsubbed avi files for eps 1-30 here.

We're looking for HD resolution raws (1280x720) of episodes 21, 27-39, 41-64. Or even better, TS file sources.
We're willing to pay TS cappers for each ep~

Check out the forums for episode discussions and other fun topics!

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