January 13th, 2011

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RELEASE - Inazuma Eleven 113

[RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_113_(1280x720_x264_AAC)_[66DA7D42].mkv has been released!

BT: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/%5BRyRo%5D_Inazuma_Eleven_-_113_%281280x720_x264_AAC%29_%5B66DA7D42%5D.mkv.torrent
Fileserve (password is fubuki) link here

New ending song! At last, the seiyuu singing \o/ Shining Power only lasted 11 eps. ^^;
If you're interested in listening to more Inazuma seiyuu singing, see The Singing Voices of the Inazuma Eleven cast!

Encoding notes: There's an insignificant blip in the beginning. And I forgot a tiny movie clip before the eyecatch, but wasn't bothered enough to re-encode it and you can see that segment here anyway, it's just a bit of Gouenji XD Anyway, they did it again for ep 114, so I'll try to include it in that one when it's ready~.

Something I noted on the Twitter earlier: Inazuma raws are now a full week wait for us, and we don't have closed captions on them either so it will slow down the process a bit more. It would be really nice to get closed captions for Inazuma Eleven 112+ if anyone can help us with that though. :) Either way, maji de kansha to have HD caps for Inazuma Eleven thanks to Chinese group Tachimukai Yuuki fansubs. <3 ~~~~

Please help seed~
See this forum post for more download methods!

Inazuma choco \o/
The making is interesting too~

We're looking for HD resolution raws (1280x720) of episodes 21, 27-39, 41-42, 44-64. Or even better, TS file sources.
We're keeping our eyes on for re-runs of these episodes on HD channels. Kids Station does reruns in "HD", but the source sucks. Preferably waiting to see if TV Tokyo or BS-J will do reruns in the future.

Also currently working on subbing the live-action stage for Inazuma Eleven. Thanks again to the donators for the DVD!
Don't forget to vote daily for the 2nd movie character poll, the theme this time is Raimon MVP! Winner will be on the center of the wallpaper they make out of it, and everyone's probably going to be on the wallpaper this time anyway :P

And yes, even more blab...

Karaoke styling for 4th Inazuma series?

Yes, fancy karaoke please!
No, I prefer softsub karaoke
I don't mind either way!

Either way, I'm heavily considering just going for the softsub. Originally, I was going to softsub Inazuma karaoke in the first place because it'd be less work, but Sanji-san from the Okashii joint back then wanted karaoke styling and he had a stylist, so we went with that. After the joint ended, I learned how to do it and work mostly with templates while tweaking a few things here and there. I personally won't mind it either way at this point, but if we just softsub karaoke, it's not like I can't just make a karaoke effect for the fun of it and put it as a side download somewhere.
Btw, raw opening/endings (except the first because I've been lazy to clip them off) are available on MediaFire

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