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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

ryuu_rogue FAQs!
Frequently Asked Questions!

Last updated: 3/11/21

1. General
2. About Our Releases
3. Getting Our Releases
4. Playback issues/Technical

1. General
1. Who are you?
Check the profile page.

1. What does "Ryuu-Rogue" mean?
It has no real meaning. This was the name that the founder Sangokushi gave it, and when we had asked him, he said it was a random name. I (Splash) didn't see a reason to change it when he handed the group over to me, so that's all there is to it.

3. What's the best way to contact you?
Primary: splash - E-mail, hanjie - E-mail
Secondary: You can find some of us on IRC, #ryuu-rogue @ irc.rizon.net
For the others... they're pirates and ninjas! Any other contact info is available through the staff listing on the profile page.

4. I would like to help out your fansubbing group! What can I do?

-Donations are always welcome! Donation info is here!
-Distro help is also welcome. BT seeding is what we would appreciate most! Also, boo on streaming sites that steal our subs. You are not supporting the actual fansubbers if you get the releases from any place we have not linked.
-splash is accepting experienced timers for current and ongoing projects! TPP experience preferred but efficiency and schedule availability take priority.

5. Why can't I access this post from your journal that someone linked me?
Some things posted here are only available to community members, so please join and have fun with us!

6. How do you guys fansub?
We add subtitles to videos using Aegisub, which in my opinion has a good manual built right into the help section. Any further questions, you can Google answers to. If this isn't enough for you, then you have deeper problems to deal with before you can start fansubbing.
Font used for Inazuma Eleven main dialogue is Candara Bold.

7. I've been "banned" from the IRC chan but I haven't done anything!
I had to blanket ban a certain set of IPs because of certain losers, so you can blame them. Only solution I'll say for now is to register your nick and get a hostmask. Note you can get k-lined (banned off the entire Rizon server) for abusing hostmasks, so use with respect.

2. About Our Releases
1. When are you going to release the next episode of xx??!?!?!
When it gets released. D: Priority goes into projects that haven't been subbed in some form or another yet. Asking only makes us less motivated. Just wait, for crikes sake.
There may be updates on our Twitter account and progress threads on DVD projects on our forums for your curiosity.

2. Are you guys going to fansub xx??!?!?!
It's up to us. Unless it's something we've already considered doing at this point, chances are close to 0% that we'll do it. Don't bother asking "ARE YOU GOING TO SUB xx?" because it's either yes or no and you should know the answer deep in your heart. Go do something better with your life than bothering us. You can also see our "future" projects listed under Current Projects on our profile page.

3. You haven't released xx in so long! Have you dropped the project?
If it doesn't say it's dropped in our profile (under the "completed" section), it's not dropped.

4. I am interested in fansubbing xx DVD into ___ language for my fansub group. Can you give us your DVD source?
Please buy the original DVDs like we did and support the original creators!! (This is where 99% of people drop the subject)

5. I am interested in fansubbing xx HD into ___ language for my fansub group. Can you give us your HD RAW source?
All of our HD releases are softsub (except for some karaoke and the logo which is to STAY on the encode as credits) so they can be used as raws if needed. Sorry, but we don't keep any other kinds of "raws".

6. I am interested in fansubbing xx into ___ language for my fansub group. Can we use your subs?
Credit to ryuu_rogue with a link to the site would be appreciated. Other than that, it's not like we can stop you from doing so anyway.

7. Can I upload your releases to streaming sites (such as Youtube, Veoh, etc)?
We really prefer that you don't, but not like that's going to stop bastards anyway. Upload at your own risk.

8. Can I submit your releases/torrents to other listing sites (such as TokyoTosho, NyaaTorrents, BakaBT)?
TokyoTosho = No. Torrents are to be listed under Splash only
NyaaTorrents = No, but for specific series only. Torrents are to be listed under RyuuRogue only
BakaBT = Please let me know if you want to put our releases up so I can look over the information ASAP. Also, include a link to the original release post on this LiveJournal in the description.
Other sites are at your own risk.

3. Getting Our Releases
1. How do I download your files?
Our releases are currently available on bittorrent (BT), XDCC bots on IRC, and direct download.
-For BT, you need a downloading client that supports the protocol. We recommend qbittorrent for Windows users, Transmission for other OSes. Google if you need to learn how to use bittorrents. Ryuu-Rogue's bittorrent tracker is at http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/
-For our XDCC bots, you will need an IRC client that supports the protocol. Follow this guide. Instead of mIRC, I personally recommend Sysreset, which is a more user-friendly version of the original mIRC. For an extra guide on using XDCC bot commands "How to download from an XDCC". XDCC bot packlists can be found under the Navigation section of the main page. All of our XDCC bots start with RyRo in their usernames, such as RyRo|Endou_Mamoru. Java scripts like Mibbit support only chat options. XDCC will not work with them. Use a real IRC client to download. Our IRC chan is #ryuu-rogue @ irc.rizon.net . If you find yourself banned for no reason, please see question 6 in the General section.
-For direct downloads, you'll need downloading permission from orz media shares. Instructions on the site.
Unfortunately, orz media shares was forced to be shut down in late 2014.
-Special page for Inazuma Eleven which is basically this FAQs info and more.

2. Can you reseed xx torrent?
First make sure you have the latest torrent off our BT Tracker. If the episode is part of a batch torrent, use the batch. For the most part, we will not be able to fulfill seed requests personally, so don't count on it. If you ask in the IRC channel, there may be a chance that someone will generously be able to provide a seed... but don't count on it.
Our archives are better maintained on our XDCC bots and orz media shares.
For some batch torrents (ex: Digimon Adventure), you will find them better seeded on BakaBT.

4. Playback issues/Technical
1. Why are the subtitles not showing up on the softsubs (mkv)?
Refer to the next question:

2. What do you recommend for file playback?
2 things: the latest codecs for file playback, and a good video player.
VLC tries to combine both in one instance and is an option if you don't want to think about 2 things separately, but don't complain to us if you see playback issues using it.

CODECS (Windows only):
K-Lite Codec Pack

On Windows, use Media Player Classic (mpc). This is included in the codec recommendations above.
VLC for Mac, mplayer SVN revision for Linux.

Known issues:
-Ordered chapters will not work for systems outside Windows. The opening for Onmyou Taisenki DVD will need to be played separately.

3. What's the difference between the AVI/XviD and MKV/h264 (or x264)? What about MP4/h264?
-AVI/XviD releases are intended for people on extremely low-end computers who do not have the processing power for anything better. They are hardsubbed.
-h264 releases have about 33% better compression than XviD, thus producing better quality videos. However, h264 playback requires more processing power than XviD.
-Our MKV releases are softsubbed (except for most karaoke and certain typesets), meaning you can turn the subs on and off as you please, as well as adjust the display font and make other customizations.
-Our MP4 releases are hardsubbed, but otherwise function similarly to mkv and are also compatible with certain systems such as the Playstation3. Additional note: Legendz MP4 is not compatible with the Playstation3 unless you use a media server, because the audio is mp3 and PS3 is very picky about the audio container.

4. Will you release xx in AVI/XviD format or low-resolution?
As of 2010 (or maybe earlier), we've stopped encoding official AVI/XviD releases and providing any support for them. Support includes playback and distribution methods such as BT seeding. Any that you see are either encoded by non-staff or from sources outside of ryuu_rogue (ex: the OkashiiSubs joint for Inazuma Eleven). There are many reasons why we've stopped doing AVI/XviD (1 2, more if you google), and you're always free to encode your own conversions for personal use (Programs like MiniCoder and HandBrake for low-res currently recommended, find one that you like and works for you).
The same applies with low-resolution releases, unless low-resolution is the only source we have available.

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