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RELEASE - Jungle Emperor Leo Special 2009

[RyRo]_Jungle_Emperor_Leo_Special_2009_Yuuki_ga_Mirai_wo_Kaeru_(1280x720_h264_AAC)_[ED7CFFA4].mkv has been released!

BT: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/%5BRyRo%5D_Jungle_Emperor_Leo_Special_2009_Yuuki_ga_Mirai_wo_Kaeru_%281280x720_h264_AAC%29_%5BED7CFFA4%5D.mkv.torrent

Please help seed~
Also on orz media shares (Ryuu-Rogue Misc section)!

This series is known as Kimba the White Lion in the US.
Runtime 1 hour and 47 minutes. File is 1.57GB.
ANN and this fansite for other info on this release. This special (which might as well be a movie) is rated G and extremely suitable for little kids (who can understand the Japanese and/or read English).

And a quickly translated blurb from the official website:
Welcome to the jungle!
Tezuka Osamu's original work "Jungle Emperor" began in Japan in 1965, and it was the first extended color anime series that aired on Fuji Television. Many movies and television series adaptations followed, and now, half a century later, a new production has arrived to pay homage.
This time, an original work has been created out of the previous works. The themes are "family love" "friendship" and "environmental issues".
With a revamped staff and cast, and an abundance of new elements, we present to you "Jungle Emperor"!!

First HD release here~ Click the thumbs for full size~

Release notes:
-The original mp4 raw file is from BT/Share. End credits reportedly lag on laptops and lower-end processors.
-The latest softsub script for the high-res is now publicly available here (password is jangarutaitei --and yes that romanization is incorrect on purpose XD). I've now included the .xml chapters file if you're interested in muxing your own set from the mp4 raw (CRC 7C9C5A8C).
-Patch by jpwong to automate the script-fixing. Just extract to the same directory as the video file and run the .bat file!
☆Line 69 "steering" -> "Stirling" (Thanks hanjie)
☆Time extension of line 943 (Thanks jpwong)
☆Small romaji change in the end song lyrics
-If someone has the full quality TS file for this special (and access to the closed captions :D) and wants to coordinate something, contact me on IRC~
-Evil raw was a pain to time with. XD; Pulled through for the sake of the animals \o/

Full lyrics for the Crystal Kay song "Step by Step" here~

In part dedicated to my Japanese language instructors at University of Michigan for teaching me about the classic awesomeness that is Tezuka Osamu. :D

Last but not least, if you're interested in donating to animal conservation and getting nice gifts (PLUSHIES) for doing so, check out WWF's Species Adoptions.


*edit* Oct 12: [RyRo]_Jungle_Emperor_Leo_Special_2009_Yuuki_ga_Mirai_wo_Kaeru_(704x396_h264_AAC)_[258089F3].mkv (low-resolution version) has been released. It was requested that it be softsubbed:
BT: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/%5BRyRo%5D_Jungle_Emperor_Leo_Special_2009_Yuuki_ga_Mirai_wo_Kaeru_%28704x396_h264_AAC%29_%5B258089F3%5D.mkv.torrent no longer seeded

*edit* Oct 14: Yet another version! [RyRo]_Jungle_Emperor_Leo_Special_2009_Yuuki_ga_Mirai_wo_Kaeru_(704x396_XviD)_[BC0BF789].avi has been released. It's the low-resolution + hardsubbed version.
BT: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/%5BRyRo%5D_Jungle_Emperor_Leo_Special_2009_Yuuki_ga_Mirai_wo_Kaeru_%28704x396_XviD%29_%5BBC0BF789%5D.avi.torrent no longer seeded

*edit* Jan 10, 2010:
DVD releases for those interested in purchasing: @ CDJapan

Hopefully that should be it, unless there's a chance for a v2 on the high-res version (will need more than script changes to make me release a v2)
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