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RELEASE - Inazuma Eleven 31-32

[Okashii-RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_31_(704x396_x264_AAC)_[A9582919].mkv and [Okashii-RyRo]_Inazuma_Eleven_-_32_(704x396_x264_AAC)_[717F3D62].mkv have been released!

BT: http://ryuu-rogue.edwardk.info/%5BOkashii-RyRo%5D_Inazuma_Eleven_-_31-32_%28704x396_x264_AAC%29.torrent

Unfortunately, Sanji-san from Okashiisubs says he cannot continue the joint after this episode, so it will be RyRo only after this. These eps are also on our tracker only (no more anirena).
Sanji-san, otsukaresamadeshita~ It was oodles of fun while it lasted <3 ~ He was handling all of the technical aspects (timing, some typesetting and encoding) which we're just as equipped to do, so you shouldn't see a difference in the quality. It's more work on our end though, of course ^^;

Please help seed~
We've got a new xdcc bot for Inazuma Eleven on IRC! Check its packlist on the Navigation section on the left side.
Also on the IRC bot RyRo|Shiron on IRC and on orz media shares!
Low res, hardsubbed avi files for eps 1-30 here.

We're looking for HD resolution raws (1280x720) of episodes 21, 27-39, 41-64. Or even better, TS file sources.
We're willing to pay TS cappers for each ep~

Hakuren <3 ~

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