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#Ryuu-Rogue @ irc.rizon.net

Kogenta! Kogenta! Kogenta! Kogenta! U~SA~~HA~~~RA~~~~

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Ryuu-Rogue Fansubs
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Ryuu-Rogue Fansubs
If you have questions regarding our projects and fansubbing, please check out our FAQ. Other questions not answered in the FAQ can be asked in that entry for fastest reply.

Last updated 9/29/19

Ryuu-Rogue (RyRo for short) is a small, volunteer English fansubbing group that remains active for the sake of subbing certain series in the staff's main interests. This LiveJournal community's founder is Splash. See the staff list below for more details.

Special announcements posted here will mostly be available to community members only, so please join and have fun with us! Refer to the community archive after you have joined.

Posting entries to this community are moderated, but just to prevent stupid spam and the obvious. However, if even that gets out of hand, entry-posting will be restricted to selected members only. All members are free (and encouraged) to comment on any posts! Feel free to ask additional questions not answered in the faqs, etc you might have about Ryuu-Rogue.

As always, we would love it if you would come chat and/or idle with us at #Ryuu-Rogue @ irc.rizon.net.

Donation info is here!

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→ Current Projects → Completed Projects → Completed Projects cont.

BIG FAT NOTE: The RyRo team has essentially retired from fansubbing at this point, but the current projects are still things we'd eventually like to do given whatever precious time we have available. Do NOT expect things from us in the meantime and please do support official sources that are available now if possible!

Digimon Adventure v2 (bluray)
   -/54 episodes
Progress Forum Thread

Legendz DVD
nezucho is leading this project, do/redoing eps 1-25 with DVD encodes. Don't expect this for a longgggg time!
Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee OVA
(with aarinfantasy)
   2 OVAs

Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru OVA
(with Anime-Shrine)
   1 OVA

CG Toei Animation Festival - Digimon Shorts
   2 short movies complete

Damekko Doubutsu
   26 episodes

Danball Senki
(with RocketGang)
44 episodes

Danball Senki W
   58 episodes

Digimon Adventure DVD
   54 episodes

Digimon Savers DVD
   48 episodes + Tokuten Eizou + Movie

Digimon X-Evolution DVD
   1 movie

Digimon Xros Wars
   54 episodes (HD)
We will NOT be doing season 3. See The Wild Bunch

Gundam Seed Character Theater
   4 episodes

Inazuma Eleven
   127 episodes (HD)

Inazuma Eleven Live-Action Stage (2010)
   2-hour performance & 22-minute extra

Inazuma Eleven the Movie ~Saikyou Gundan Ogre Shuurai~
   1 movie (BD) + extras (DVD)

Inazuma Eleven GO
   47 episodes (HD)

Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie ~Kyuukyoku no Kizuna Gryphon~
   ★ 1 movie + extras (BD)
Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone
   51 episodes (HD)

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy
   43 episodes

Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W the Movie
   1 movie
★ 1 movie (BD) + extras (DVD)

Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin
   26 episodes (HD)

Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin
   49 episodes (HD)

Jungle Emperor Leo Special 2009
   2-hour special (HD)

   1 movie + unsubbed extras

Legendz DVD
   50 episodes
nezucho's project~

(with aarinfantasy)
   12 episodes + Prologue special

Meine Liebe Wieder
(with aarinfantasy)
   13 episodes

Naruto movie 1 + The Great Sports Tournament Special DVD
(with Saizen Fansubs)
   1 movie + movie short

Onmyou Taisenki DVD
   52 episodes + Extras

Onmyou Taisenki
   27/52 episodes

Patalliro Saiyuki
(with aarinfantasy)
   26 episodes

Pokemon Movie 1, 8
   Movie 1 & 8

Switch OVA
   2 OVAs and 144-minute live-action performance

The Law of Ueki
(with Anime-Faith)
   2/51 episodes
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Translator, Editor, Timer, Typesetter, Karaoke Stylist, Encoder, Distro Manager, Raw Provider, Onomatopoeia

Translator, Timer, Typesetter, Karaoke Stylist, Encoder, Distro, Raw Provider, Resident Rodent

Translator, Editor, Timer, Distro, Raw Provider, funkykun-senpai~
Encoder, Raw Provider, Tachimukai shota(ry

Timer, otter

Raw Provider, Typesetter, Encoder, Rocket Gang buddy

Eternal Blizzard
Timer, Encoder, Be like the wind

♦ Sangokushi - Fansub group founder, Project Leader, Timer, Typesetter, Styler, Encoder, alumni
♦ mirrim - Timer, Quality Checker, "Mom"
♦ Fauxbliss - Timer
♦ DreamKeeper - Timer
♦ waltermh - Editor
♦ KibaWolf - Editor, Timer
♦ itaydile3 - Karaoke Styler, Translator, alumni
♦ Banyai - Translation Checker, Editor, alumni
♦ SeZMehK - Quality Checker, alumni
♦ {ar}whatrudoin - alumni
♦ Skyw4lker - Editor, Quality Checker, alumni
♦ mattheus123 - Encoder, Raw Provider, alumni
♦ misakichi - Timer, alumni
Shiron - Translator
Kawaii_Gaara - Editor
utom - Chinese-to-English Translator
♦ TempestWing - Timer
♦ Sindalf - Timer
♦ Akakukun - Timer
♦ KaiserDragon - Karaoke Stylist, K-F buddy
♦ rofflwaffl - Karaoke Stylist, confused masochist troll
♦ Takatofan1986 - Timer
♦ nitephire - Encoder guru~, alumni
♦ Kamika Farinas - Timer
♦ kaizoku - Inazuma Bot Provider, Zero-Raws buddy

*Alumni is marked for staff who worked in RyRo for previous projects but are not currently in staff.
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